(Livestream tickets also include recordings of the September 27-28, 2024 & instant access to the recordings of the same 2-day event from 2023 so your contacts can get started right away.)
A) Don't Receive A Referral Fee & Instead Offer Your Contacts 40% Off!
​B) Want To Attend Also? Organize A Group Buy (Everyone Saves 20-40%!)
To Join, Just Fill Out Your Details Below To Access More Info...
PLEASE NOTE: The 20-40% discounts & referral fees are based off the current website ticket prices and are only applicable to 'LIVESTREAM Tickets' for our upcoming 2-day introductory seminar to  Postural Orthodontics (Sep 2024)

(FOr Any of the In-PERSON TICKETs ("Standard" or "Premium") to our Sep. 2024 event, there will be no additional discounts/referral fees as there ARE very limited Seats & Tickets are already heavily discounted during thiS 'SUPER Early Bird' Sale period.
* By registering, you also agree to receive future updates from us. We will NOT sell or share your information with anyone.

** Referral fees will be paid via paypal, wire transfer or Transferwise etc within 2 weeks of the guarantee policy ending (we offer money back up until the end of day 2 for the livestream event so within 2 weeks of the LIVE event we'll send out the payments to you.)

Is it free to become an 'Early Intervention Ambassador'?

Yes, there is no cost and it's free to become an "Early Intervention Ambassador"/Postural Orthodontics referral partner. We really appreciate your willingness to promote our method to your network of dental clinicians, supporting our mission to help children correct their oral posture so they develop straight teeth naturally...more beautiful faces and better airways!

p.s. If you don't want to read all the info on this page, simply email us at and we'll be more than happy to explain all the options to you depending on your individual circumstances! Just put on the subject header "Partnership Program - Postural Orthodontics".

How can I promote your program?

Reach out to your friends & colleagues who might be interested in registering for Postural Orthodontics.

a) Tell them about the seminar (as soon as you register to become a partner we'll provide various marketing resources including 2 main sample emails, and over a dozen others, which you can use to contact the people in your network),

b) Show/send them to the website (,

c) Mention the in-person tickets are on sale right now (early-bird phase etc) and how you can get them an additional 20% off (or 40% off if you don't want any referral fee) the LIVESTREAM virtual tickets.

d) Let them know how to claim this special discount...

How They Can Claim The Discount

1) They need to email us at and CC your email also with this:

2) Subject header: "20% (or 40%) Off Special"

3) In the email body, they need to include:

4) Who referred them to us (you) -- ie "I was referred to you by "Name of Referee".

(Please Note: If you don’t want to take any referral fee, you can offer your contacts 40% off the Livestream ticket.

There are no discounts or referral fees for the "Standard" or "Premium" In-Person ticket as there are very limited seats. Customize the email accordingly. If you do decide to pass on your referral fee to your contact, you can mention it in the email body, e.g. “FYI - I’m not getting any referral fee for promoting this event. Just thought you might be interested etc.”)

How do I get credited my referral fee?

As part of the instructions will be for your contact to CC you when they reach out to us, then you will be notified accordingly. You can be upfront with your contacts that if they decide to go ahead with the purchase, you will get a 20% referral fee.

How much and how do I get paid?

When your referral completes his/her order, you will be allocated in commission the same amount your contact received in terms of a discount (ie 20% of the current website price of a Livestream ticket).

Please note: We will send your commission payment (through bank/wire transfer, Transferwise or PayPal) within 2 weeks of the guarantee policy ending (so as we offer a money back guarantee up until the end of Day 2 of the event, so within 2 weeks of the event ending we'll pay out the commissions.)

All we need from you is to send you money is:

Account Holder's Name:
Postal Code/ZIP:
Bank Name:
BSB (for Australian Accounts):
Beneficiary's Account Number/IBAN:
Beneficiary's Routing Number:
Swift Code/BIC:

If you want to get paid through PayPal, provide us with your PayPal email or Wise (formerly Transferwise) details:

Please email us at with the above information.

Do I have to take any payments myself?

No, you don’t have to take any payments yourself or pass money to your referrals. We will take the payment from them through a manually generated invoice, discounting 20% or 40% off (depending on whether you want your referral fee or not...and whether they get a Premium In-Person Ticket or a Livestream Ticket.) 

Is there marketing resources I can use?

Yes. After you become a partner, we'll give you access to a series of emails we've already used to promote the seminar. They've been proven to work, as the majority of our sales so far came from sending out these emails.

You can use them as an inspiration to craft your own emails/messages, or you can just modifying them a bit to suit your style & audience before sending them to your contacts.

Why Become a Postural Orthodontics "Early Intervention Ambassador"?

  • For our Livestream Tickets Only: Offer 20% to 40% discount for the '2-Day Introduction to Postural Orthodontics' program to your network of dental clinicians
  • ​For LIVESTREAM tickets (which includes instant access to the recordings of the same event from 2022), earn a 20% referral fee for every sale you refer (and your contact gets a 20% discount off the current website ticket prices) or don't earn a referral fee and instead offer your contacts 40% off etc.

    For some folks you may want to offer 40% off (close dental friends etc), and others in your circle of influence, you may wish to offer just a 20% discount so you get a 20% referral fee etc.
  • ​If you want to organize a 'Livestream Group Buy' we can offer discounts as follows:

    a) 2 Person Group - 20% Discount each
    b) 3 Person Group - 25% Discount each
    c) 4 Person Group - 30% Discount each
    d) 5 Person Group - 35% Discount each
    e) 6 Person Group - 40% Discount each
    (max. discount.)
  • There are NO additional discounts or referral fees for our IN-PERSON tickets as there are limited seats etc
  • Join our mission to help children using evidence based research to correct their oral posture so they develop straight teeth naturally and avoid chronic health problems that plague modern societies.
  • ​Get pre-written promotional emails and let us handle all the creatives.
  • ​Have more questions? Just email us at: &
    we'll be happy to explain how this can work for your situation!

PLEASE NOTE: Commissions are only available on the upcoming LIVESTREAM Tickets for the 2-day introduction to Postural Orthodontics program

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