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Lab Day with Dr. Simon Wong & Mr. Enrico DiGiovanni

A Hands-On, All-Day Workshop at 'A Point' Dental Lab, Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia on Sat. Aug 27th, 2022

(This workshop is for dental practitioners and NOT for Lab technicians...)

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Dr simon wong
Founder of Postural Orthodontics 
Dr. Simon Wong BDSc FICCDE DipLSFO FIADFE is one of the world's leading experts in facial growth guidance (Orthotropics) and early intervention Orthodontics. A graduate from the University of Melbourne, he has been a practicing General Dentist clinician since 1991.

He has held the position of Profesor Visitante co-director of the Orthotropics Module at the University Of Valencia, Department of Orthodontics, is a Fellow of the International College of Continuing Dental Education and a Fellow of the International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics.

The past 10 years, as the principle of the clinic Natural Smiles Centre based in Melbourne, he’s been focused on the correction of early childhood craniofacial development issues; a devoted practitioner for the early correction of malocclusion. His mission is to help children learn correct oral posture, so they can avoid multiple chronic health problems that plague modern societies.

With foundations from Mew growth theories, Dr Wong developed the Postural Orthodontics method for early intervention. This 7-part system incorporates a unique set of upper and lower arch expansion plates and a surprisingly effective exercise programme called ‘GOPex’ (‘Good Oral Posture exercises’). 

He is a published author with journal and textbook articles on sleep disordered breathing and is an international speaker, invited to showcase his work in over 10 countries including, Australia, Canada, US, Japan, Spain, UK, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Germany, Mexico and Korea.

Currently, Dr Wong has documented hundreds of case studies from his clinical practice and is working on publishing research and developing projects at the Orthodontic Departments at the University Of Valencia, the University of Alberta and the Autonomous National University of Mexico.

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Founder of a-point lab
Enrico Di Giovanni is the owner and founder of A POINT Dental Lab in Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia.

Originally from Italy, he grew up in New York city where he studied a 4-year program in Dental Technology. He also apprenticed with the NEY Dental lab in New York in the orthodontic department.

Later he attended the Giovanni Giorgi Institute of Advanced Dental Technology back in Italy and was the proprietor of his own dental lab until 1994. After that, he moved to Australia where he has worked at various prominent orthodontic laboratories in Melbourne.

Over the past 11 years he’s worked very closely with Dr. Wong and together, they have developed various designs in the orthopaedic expansion of maxillary and mandibular development or what we affectionally call ‘The Wong Widgets’!

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"Dr leading the forefront of these people who are taking these different approaches to orthodontics. An incredible, incredible lecture series."

General Dentist, Toronto
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  • ​Recording of 'Lab Day with Dr. Wong & Mr. DiGiovanni' (Regular price US$597)
  • ~6 Hours of Recorded Material, On-Demand Online Access. Recording Are Now Available Immediately on Purchase!
  • A​ccess to Private Facebook Group (Postural Orthodontics Community) Until 1 Month After You Get Access to the Recording, Where You Can Submit General Questions Related to the LAB Day Workshop
  • 6 Hours of Scientific CPD
  • ​30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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  • PLEASE NOTE: Can't make the workshop in-person? Buy the recording instead and if you attend future workshops live, the tuition would be reduced by the amount you paid for the recordings

"The greatest impact that this technique has had on my patients is the dental and facial changes we achieve. As months pass by, we see these patients look prettier, their mothers tell us, and it is true!

At the level of my practice, the biggest impact has been economical. I have increased the volume of patients in an astonishing way. A reason for this is that I now treat children with ages that I didn’t treat in the past.”

Orthodontist, Spain

"It's something that every dentist should have in their armamentarium because everything that we do in affected by rest/oral posture, breathing and the habits."

Orthodontist, Texas

"We went over the first stages of treatment with Simon. And he’s wonderful...very specific, nice method, not too complicated. So it's something that is doable and you can get great results. I'm real happy about that."

Orthodontist, New Jersey

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