7 Week Free Webinar Series...

(Originally Held Live Every Week In May/June 2021)

Early Intervention
Postural Orthodontics

A 7-Part Prelude to Dr. Wong's "2-Day Introduction to Postural Orthodontics" Virtual Seminar that Took Place on July 24-25

Hosted by Dr. Simon Wong, Founder of Postural Orthodontics

The webinar replays are no longer available. But you can get instant access to the full "2-Day Intro to Postural Orthodontics" live stream recording...

Webinar Topics & Speakers

  • "Why Are So Many Of Our Children Today In Need of Orthodontic Management & Airway Support?" with Dr. Simon Wong, Founder of Postural Orthodontics
  • "DOME surgical expansion and MMA for sleep-disordered breathing" with guest speaker: Dr. Roland Barrowman, Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • "Lower Expansion - The Holy Grail of Orthodontics?" with guest speaker, Mr. Enrico DiGiovanni, Founder of A Point Dental Lab
  • ​​"Paediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing & The Nasal Obstruction Triad" with guest speaker, Dr. Perry Burstin, Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon
  • ​​​"A Tale of My 2 Thumb Suckin Kiddies - From Myobrace to Early Intervention Postural Orthodontics" with guest speaker, Dr. Susan Hsieh, Specialist Paediatric Dentist
  • ​Mastering The Art of Dentofacial Aesthetics" with Dr. Simon Wong, Founder of Postural Orthodontics
  • ​​"$8k-$20k Early Intervention Treatments" with Dr. Simon Wong, Founder of Postural Orthodontics

INSTANT ACCESS to the webinar replays upon registration, plus new mini-documentary "My Journey from Orthotropics to Postural Orthodontics"
with Dr. Simon Wong

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GOPex Book

by Dr Simon Wong & Dr Sandra Kahn

GOPex (Good Oral Posture exercises) are powerful and effective in improving airway disorders and compliance issues. That’s because they strike at the very root of malocclusion. They are short (10-15min), simple and easily incorporated into the family’s daily routine, truly helping patients change their habits.


1) 'The Jaw Epidemic: Recognition, Origins, Cures, and Prevention' 13-page article by Sandra Kahn, Paul Ehrlich, Marcus Feldman, Robert Sapolsky, Simon Wong, published July 2020 on BioScience.

2) Dr Simon Wong’s 14-page published article: 'Craniofacial Signs, Symptoms and Orthodontic Objectives of Paediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnoea'.

3) 'The Toll of Shrinking Jaws on Human Health' by Stanford Uni featuring Dr. Wong and Dr. Kahn

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