Postural Orthodontics
Advanced Course Phase 4 Live Mentoring
12-Month Exclusive One to One & Group Mentorship Program With Dr. Wong
Before you enroll in this mentorship program you need to apply here. It only takes ~5-10 minutes to complete the application form. After your submission, Dr Wong will review them within 48-72 hours and we'll revert via email to set up a 1:1 Zoom Video call with Dr. Wong to see if the program is a good fit.
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Please note: To join our Phase 4 program, you must have enrolled into our
Phase 1, 2 and 3 program already. You can register here. The only exception is if you wish to 'Fast Track' access to Phase-4, which is possible after you complete Phase-2 training. You will still need to enroll in Phase-3 (which are self-study modules you can go at your own pace, but if you wish to get access to Dr. Wong's Phase-4 mentoring program, and trial it out for 3-months (6 consecutive calls), you can do so via this Fast Track option.

Not everyone will be eligible for this option so do indicate your interest in this Fast Track Option in the application form above. For further details please email
Here's aN 11-min video that SUMMARISES phase 3...
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Program Summary

The Advanced Phase 4 program is a 12-month+ interactive, group coaching program via Zoom livestream online. (You can extend the coaching beyond 12 months, 3 months at a time). It's also a one to one mentoring experience where you get to submit up to 2 new private case studies for Dr Wong's written and verbal review every 2 weeks. Each fortnight, Dr. Wong holds 2 separate group Q&A mentoring Zoom calls that last up to 3 hours. The maximum number of people in any such 3-hour group call will be around 6 people (so each person gets around 30 minutes of 1:1 time with Dr. Wong while others listen in and learn at the same time).

The cases submitted need to be for patients between the ages of 3-10 (ideally under 8). Dr. Wong talks about the importance of case selection and he will only supervise cases that are 'mild to moderate' malocclusions. Once again, with Phase-4 mentoring, Dr. Wong is only supervising you based on Postural Orthodontic techniques (where the treatment time is generally 12-18 months) and NOT Orthotropic methods which can take 4-5 years to complete and are far more complicated to complete successfully.

You will need to format your case information in a particular way (in a Powerpoint following the template as set out in Phase 1 and 3). An example of the format can be seen below. On these Zoom calls Simon will go over your case info in details and others can listen in and learn at the same time. You can even record simple cell phone videos of your clinical work (inserting appliances etc) - and get feedback on these calls.

Currently, our group calls are held Saturdays from 9pm to up to midnight and Sundays from 8am to around 11am (every 2 weeks) Melbourne/Sydney, Australia time.  This assumes we have the maximum of 12 Phase-4 mentoring students. If there are fewer students, then the total length of time would be adjusted accordingly. (Roughly 30 minutes per student etc). These 2 time slots each fortnight should cater for folks in Europe, North America and Australia/Asia. (Please use to see what time this translates to for your city).
Please email us at to see if there's any available spots and to get the latest schedule/times for our Phase 4 calls.

We will also record all the calls and all cases submitted by students for Dr. Wong's written and verbal feedback will be made available to other students for review. The benefit of a 'group call' format along with personal 1:1 feedback during the group Zoom call, is that what's relevant to one student's case may also be useful to your case as well, in the event you don't get all your questions answered during your 1:1 hotseat time with Dr. Wong.

You can join at any time during the year and furthermore, when you join, you'll get access to all previous Phase 4 Q&A group mentoring call recordings and case submissions that have occurred on a fortnightly basic since 2021.

Please note: for an additional fee you can request visiting Dr. Wong's practice Natural Smiles Centre in Melbourne should travel permit - for details please visit

Instant access to the recordings of group calls from inception (beginning of 2021): You'll also get access to all our students' case studies (pdf format with written notes), reviewed by Dr. Wong, accumulated since we started teaching this program (beginning of January 2021 - with each year yielding about 60+ hours of training. The core Phase-4 training are all the calls recorded from 2021). These case studies submissions follow the same guidelines as set out in Phase 1 and 3, with patient info being anonymized etc. Here is a sample of such a Phase 4 case study. Click here. 

"Filling in the gaps in your understanding of Phase 1-3": Perhaps just as a important, besides giving feedback to cases live during the calls, Dr. Wong also goes into more in-depth training during these fortnightly sessions in areas covered in the first 3 Phases of the Advanced program. This is your chance to fill in the gaps in your understanding of Postural Orthodontics. No matter when you join the Phase 4 program, to get the most out of the experience, ideally you should go through ALL the first year's recordings from Phase 4 (systematically)...from the beginning of 2021.
A 12-18 Month Mentoring Program Which You Can Pay Quarterly...
Only pay 3-months at a time: While the Phase 4 experience is at a minimum a 12 month mentoring program, we understand that you may only wish to trial your mentoring experience with Dr. Wong so we allow you to pay on a quarterly basis where you can discontinue at any time. (For ease of logistics, you are enrolled in auto pay every 3 months and you just have to email us if you don't want the next 3-months of mentoring etc. After one year, you can enroll in another 12-months of live fortnightly mentoring and pay on a quarterly basis - and discontinue also after each quarter).

However, sh
ould you decide to discontinue at any point before your complete at least 12 months of mentoring, your access to the live fortnightly mentoring (and personalized review of your cases and other student's cases), Phase 4 resources and recordings of all past Phase 4 group Zoom calls from inception...stop as well. Once you invest in a full year of Phase 4 however, then you will get ongoing access to the recordings of that first year of Phase 4 recordings for future review. (The same goes for following years). And so long as we're still in the business of teaching, you will still have access to these recordings and resources indefinitely as a point of reference once you've completed each 12 months of mentoring.
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Getting Your Case Studies Reviewed Inside a HIPAA Compliant Platform
You can submit your own patient case studies for evaluation by Dr. Wong (up to 2 cases per fortnightly Zoom meeting) inside the 'Healthie' HIPAA compliant platform which is very secure.

Dr. Wong will provide written feedback for cases submitted and may also provide verbal feedback during the fortnightly sessions depending on whether that fortnightly session permits given whatever else is being covered that group class. On these mentoring calls which last on average 3 hours you can also get help with whatever areas you need a better understanding of that was covered in previous trainings. We will provide specific guidelines and protocols for case submission (for example, you will need to submit cases inside Power Point slides similar to the format you saw inside Phase 3.) For Phase 4, we only allow 'expansion only cases' (mild skeletal malocclusion) to be submitted for review. 
Please note, you can join at any time during the year and each 'Qtr' you enroll in, gets you access to the next 6 fortnightly Q&A calls (ie you do not have to join at the beginning of each quarter as listed below - you could start say in May or August or whenever you've completed Phase 3 recorded training at your convenience.)
2022 Dates (You Can Start Your 6 Consecutive Sessions At Any Time)
  • Sunday, 16 January: Phase 4 Q&A Call (1st Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 30 January: Phase 4 Q&A Call (1st Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 13 February: Phase 4 Q&A Call (1st Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • Sunday, 27 February: Phase 4 Q&A Call (1st Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • Sunday, 13 March: Phase 4 Q&A Call (1st Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • Sunday, 27 March: Phase 4 Q&A Call (1st Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
2nd Quarter 2022:
  • Sunday, 10 April: Phase 4 Q&A Call (2nd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 24 April: No Q&A Call. Instead, you get to attend the live 9 hour all day from 7am-3:30pm, Melbourne Time Phase 1 refresher for free (you can still submit your 2 cases for review etc).
  • ​Sunday, 8 May: Phase 4 Q&A Call (2nd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • Sunday, 22 May: Phase 4 Q&A Call (2nd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 5 June: Phase 4 Q&A Call (2nd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • Sunday, 19 June: Phase 4 Q&A Call (2nd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
3rd Quarter 2022:
  • ​​Sunday, 3 July: Phase 4 Q&A Call (3rd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 16/17 July: No Phase 4 Q&A Call. Instead, you get to attend the live 2-day introduction to Postural Orthodontics as a refresher for free (you can still submit your 2 cases for review etc).
  • ​Sunday, 31 July: Phase 4 Q&A Call (3rd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 14 August: Phase 4 Q&A Call (3rd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 28 August: Phase 4 Q&A Call (3rd Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • Sunday, 4 September: No Phase 4 Q&A Call. Instead, you get to attend the live 9 hour all day from 7am-3:30pm, Melbourne Time Phase 1 refresher for free (you can still submit your 2 cases for review say before mid september).
4th Quarter 2022:
  • ​Sunday, 2 October: Phase 4 Q&A Call (4th Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 16 October: No Phase 4 Q&A Call. Instead, you get to attend the live 9 hour all day from 7am-3:30pm, Melbourne Time Phase 2 refresher for free (you can still submit your 2 cases for review etc).
  • ​​Sunday, 30 October: Phase 4 Q&A Call (4th Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • Sunday, 13 November: Phase 4 Q&A Call (4th Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 27 November: Phase 4 Q&A Call (4th Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
  • ​Sunday, 11 December: Phase 4 Q&A Call (4th Quarter), 8:00-11:00, Melbourne Time
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As part of this Advanced Phase 4 program. you will need to sign an electronic agreement to get access to our HIPAA compliant platform (which is very secure) where the live Q&A sessions are housed. You will be sent an electronic document (via DocuSign) to sign online: "Agreement to Participate in the Postural Orthodontics Advanced Course & Mentorship Programme". Most likely you would have signed this agreement as part of Advanced Phase 1, 2 and 3.

This online agreement essentially acknowledges that your submitted patient case studies for Dr Wong's review have received consent from the patient's family that you can use their records for educational purposes. We will also have specific guidelines regarding how to submit these cases (so to keep private your patient details and keep his/her identity anonymous etc.)
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* Upon enrolling in your 2nd quarter of Phase 4 (i.e. after purchasing 2 lots of 3 months of Ph4 mentoring), you'll get a bonus recording of a 1-day (9am-5pm) practice visit to Dr Wong's clinic. The recordings will be available once Covid relaxes a bit and we can record the visit of a student who has taken up the optional 1-day clinical experience at Dr. Wong's Natural Smiles Centre.
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Upon enrolling in your 4th quarter of Phase 4, you'll get another recording of a 1-day (9am-5pm) practice visit to Dr Wong's clinic. Once again, the recordings will be available once Covid relaxes a bit and we can record the visit of a student who has taken up the optional 1-day clinical experience at Dr. Wong's Natural Smiles Centre. Hopefully by 2022 we should have these recordings available.
REGISTration options
Please note: To register for Phase 4, you must have completed Phase 1, 2 and 3 already. Register here.
You can join any time during the year!
Before enrolling in Phase 4, you need to fill out the application form here and then have an interview with Dr Wong to see if it's a good fit for both parties. If you've already spoken to Dr. Wong as part of joining Phase 1, 2 and 3 then this call won't be necessary unless either party would like to set up an additional call.

Please email us at 
to see if there are any openings available in this personalized mentoring program and if so schedule a time for a 30 minute interview.
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OR one payment of US$12,997
(email us for the 1 payment option)

* For Australians, this price includes GST
** You can discontinue at the end of each quarter - just email us at to stop the quarterly auto-pay
Live Stream: phase 1
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REGULAR: $1,540
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phase 1: Sunday 17th May livestream (9-5pm)
PRactice Manual (Phase 1 OnlY)
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PHASE 1: Recording of 17th May Livestream
(Note: The recordings will be available within 1 week of the live stream)

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DAY 1: Saturday 28 March 2020
DAY 2: Sunday 29 March 2020

Schedule for Both Days:
8:00am Registration* | 8:30am Start | 5:00pm Finish

*Just bring your ID or passport. 

Dental Education Centre
6/85 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Note: The Dental Education Centre is about a 7-min drive from the Sydney Airport, and a 13-min drive from the Sydney City Centre.

🍎 Lunch, morning & afternoon tea provided.

🌞 What's The Weather Like in Sydney in March?

March is the beginning of autumn (March - May) in Sydney and the lovely weather means it is one of the best times of year to visit the city. Many tourists find the weather in autumn is the most pleasant of all the year.  

Throughout the month of March, the average daytime temperatures are around 22°C (72°F) in Sydney. Temperatures do vary but not greatly; high temperatures can reach up to 25°C (77°F) whereas the average minimum temperatures only drops to around 18°C (64°F).

Will Dr. Wong supervise 'Orthotropic' cases - severe malocclusions?

Right now Dr. Wong will only supervise cases that are mild to moderate malocclusions. (If you need clarification of what this constitutes, you can discuss this with him on the application call.)

Dr. Wong only wants to teach and mentor on what is 'evidence based'. Right now he has submitted 140+ consecutively treated cases of his for peer review research and until the results of this research are published (and in a positive manner) Dr. Wong has decided he will NOT supervise cases that require Orthotropic type treatment techniques as pioneered by his mentor, Prof. John Mew. 

For those who are interested in the theory of Orthotropics and how Dr. Wong applies such techniques in his own practice, he has created a recorded online course which we call "Phase-5" training - "A 2-Day Introduction to Orthotropics". Please note, this course is for educational purposes only and does NOT include any coaching or support from Dr. Wong.

If you are interested in this online training which you can watch at your own pace please email us at

How Do I Discontinue The Mentorship Program?

While the Phase 4 experience is intended to be a 12 month mentoring program (which you can renew every year), we understand that you may only wish to trial your mentoring experience with Dr. Wong so we allow you to pay on a quarterly basis where you can discontinue at any time. For ease of logistics, you are enrolled in auto pay every 3 months and you just have to email us at if you don't want the next 3-months of mentoring etc.

However, should you decide to discontinue at any point, your access to the live fortnightly mentoring (and personalized review of your cases), Phase 4 resources and recordings of all past Phase 4 group Zoom calls from inception...stop as well.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements To Stay In the Mentoring Program?


Our goal is to help teach and mentor other dentists who are on the same mission to duplicate the results Dr. Wong has achieved these past 15+ years in the area of early intervention. As such, in our experience it is absolutely critical that you are 100% 'all in' before you consider joining this committed group of students. This will require a minimum attendance of 4 out of 6 fortnightly live sessions before you are eligible to continue another quarter. If you cannot achieve this, and don't have a valid reason, we have the option of discontinuing your involvement each quarter.

Perhaps more importantly, we need a minimum submission of 2 separate case records at least every 4-6 weeks so Dr. Wong can see where you're at with your patients. Case records that you need to submit (photos, xrays etc) are similar to the format set out for Phase 3 cases. You have of course the option to submit up to 2 cases per fortnight. Over time you are able to submit not only 2 new cases every fortnight, but you can submit 2-3 older cases for quick review also. So long as the 30 minute allocated time per person is adhered to, Dr Wong can give feedback to these 2-3 older cases as well.
further information about postural orthodontics
What are the learning objectives of Postural Orthodontics?
  • Evaluating facial growth patterns and a rational choice of diagnostic and therapeutic orthodontic treatment procedures in the developing malocclusion
  • Minimizing skeletal, dentoalveolar and muscular problems, by the end of the transition to the permanent dentition.
  • Simplifying and/or shorting treatment time for later corrective orthodontics 
Why learn Postural Orthodontics & the GOPex Method?
  • Improves facial harmony
  • Creates room for crowded teeth & increases tongue space
  • Reduces airway collapsibility
  • ​​Stabilizes orthodontic corrections
  • ​Helping the largely ignored market of 3-11 year olds
  • ​Makes it possible to have straight teeth naturally
Historically, orthodontic literature rarely advocates for Phase 1 therapies because very few have shown improvement over teenage fixed appliance protocols. 

Postural Orthodontics and the GOPex exercises is a new, innovative way of early intervention orthodontics that has been highly effective. Our approach, based on Orthotropic principles and foundations, addresses malocclusion based wholly on clinically trialled & proven methods. 

And when it comes to sleep disorder breathing and vital function health, new research points out the many great benefits of targeted early intervention—which is precisely the reason for our methodology.
Why the GOPex Method?
GOPex (Good Oral Posture exercises) are powerful and effective in improving airway disorders and compliance issues.

That’s because they strike at the very root of malocclusion. 

They are short (10-15 minutes), simple exercises that are easily incorporated into the family’s daily routine, truly helping patients change their habits—unlike the majority of myology programmes. 

Dr. Sandra Kahn has also developed the GOPEX App. to optimize compliance. Using the app, parents can get direct feedback from the practitioner on their child’s exercise techniques.

Please download for free our GOPex book to learn more. Or you can purchase a copy on Amazon here.
Why the Postural Orthodontics system?
Postural Orthodontics is a unique approach to early intervention utilizing existing techniques (Orthotropic principles and appliances) and new methods and protocols that are evidence-based and results oriented.

Functional Orthopedics has been practised for almost 100 years. Most orthodontic systems use some form of functional expansion appliance, incorporating orofacial myology. 

Our orthodontic profession theorizes that bone growth can be stimulated by functional activity. Accordingly, conventional phase 1 appliances & exercises leverage functional movement, hoping to stimulate jaw growth.

But these treatments haven’t been proven effective in creating substantial, lasting changes. 

In fact, over the last 40 years of clinical trials, we have never been able to show significant clinical changes through any of the traditional phase 1 treatment systems. 

They move teeth around a bit better but don’t help the jaw to grow better.

The GOPex method primarily assists in improving the rest positions of the jaws & muscles. It’s considered posturally-focused, rather than functionally focused. This is a critical distinction because body growth happens only at postural rest, not in functional motion.

Over the past 10 years of research in clinical practice, we have generated hundreds of case studies showing significant results. 

The first 145 cases have been accepted for research evaluation at the University of Alberta, University of Valencia and Autonomous National University of Mexico. In addition, as of July 2021, we are now excited to announce that highly renowned Orthodontic Researcher - Dr. Peter Buschang of Texas A&M will be starting research on my clinical cases specifically related to hyper-divergence.

Preliminary findings presented at the Summer meeting of Spanish orthodontics society 2019 by Prof José Luis Gandía - Franco from the University of Valencia in Spain, showed more than promising results.

We compared our Postural Orthodontics method with the standard twin-bloc approach (the most popular functional appliance) in a class-2, division-1 malocclusion case. 

We had 3 to 7-fold improvements over what twin-bloc could provide.

As expected, the functional appliances only affected the dental alveolar bone, with no skeletal change. Whereas our method resulted in improvements of 3.46 degrees in ANB (vs 1.37) and 1.92 degrees of reduction in Y-axis (vs .26). 
Each presenter has a different philosophy and technique so it becomes very confusing having to decide who is "more' right than the other and whose philosophy/technique to "buy into". What was your journey into Orthotropics and how is Postural Orthodontics different from other early intervention courses and techniques?
How It All Began
"I was first introduced to early intervention orthodontics through the Myobrace organisation, training with John Flutter and Chris Farrell in the early 2000s. My studies then led me to Steve Olmos on TMD/Sleep and then sidetracked onto ALF and Cranial osteopathy in Canada and the US. Next up was a very comprehensive traditional orthodontic continuing education programme in conjunction with John Mew’s Orthotropic work. I subsequently brought Prof. Mew over to Australia to teach.

I then began to travel on the CE train throughout the world, on a tight shoe string budget living in one of the furthest points on Earth (Australia) from the North American and European learning centres.

Excited as I was, it quickly became apparent my time with John, Mike and Bill Hang in California allowed me entry into Orthotropics but with a challenging map to the exit finish. John was always encouraging but insisted we put in the effort to discover for ourselves how these programmes develop and finish differently with each family.

Eventually through many years of trial and error I did work it out but I saw how everyone else who attempted this fell into the journey of potholes and to the very last count, to this day after 5 decades of John teaching, there are few who run full time Orthotropic practices. Whether it be the pressure from the local Orthodontic communities or just an inability to work through the difficulties of the middle point in Orthotropics, few have had the endurance or skill to achieve their goals.

About 7 years ago I realised my system of treating patients was working, consistently, predictably and profitably. I had documented my cases from the very beginning and realised my success rate was high. I developed guidelines for myself and my intake screening process that loaded the chances of achieving control of vertical growth in my favour. I shifted my practice and opened up a full time Orthotropic clinic and began the process of establishing clinical research into Orthotropics.

Soon after, through my collaboration with Dr Sandra Kahn (who co-authored GOPex with me) I started teaching, initially restricting my student intake to experienced Orthodontists and Pediatric Dentists in Europe and was allowed to create a module in the Orthodontic postgraduate programme at Uni Valencia. This paved the way for formal research in Spain and now Mexico and Canada (University of Alberta) where I have residents doing their thesis on my Biobloc Orthotropic (140+ consecutive) case series. The editors of Angle Orthodontics and American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics have shown interest and there hopefully will be publications in the near future, to validate John's work.
My experience in teaching in Europe has highlighted how different Orthotropics is from any form of Orthodontics. I realised that success would only be possible with a complete back to basics education process with studies in understanding growth literature and controlled "hand holding" supervision of students. So in 2019, I made the decision to roll out such a programme – which I simply call ‘Postural Orthodontics’ that would take students down the path of Orthotropics but only via a safe passage through evidence based Orthodontic avenues.

The programme I devised would build foundation over a number of years. Beginning first, using John's Tropic Premise to modify accepted early intervention orthodontic therapies then developing experience using appropriately selected cases and well designed and produced appliances.
My programme is different to many early intervention courses. Typical early intervention programme I've attended has always pressed one overriding message of; "You can do it! You should do it! You owe it to the world to do it!" (Something along those lines.)

My goal is the opposite and is to throttle down all my students' enthusiasm, to minimize poor choices in case selection and set parameters that would only allow treatment to provide successful outcomes, every...single...time. The discipline needed for patients to succeed is always overshadowed and pales into insignificance compared to the discipline the doctor needs to say "NO" to the cases that are beyond their capacity.

The programme I have created, has been systematically spread out into multiple phases, an initial module of the 2-day Introduction to Postural Orthodontics (with an extra 10 hours of Q&A sessions that have been recorded as well) followed by a comprehensive Advanced program - Phase 1-3, all of which has been recorded and placed online for on-demand access...over 68 hours of further training combined with 6 live Q&A sessions spread out over the course of the year (which you can join at any point in time with the way we have structured our training.)

We also have an optional 1-day clinical (which will be recorded if you can’t physically come visit my practice) and other further advanced Biobloc Orthotropic training, weekly case study reviews of your patients and fortnightly live Q&A mentoring sessions for Phase 4 and beyond.
In order to provide the protection we all need now with the world pandemic, this training is now also available livestream and recording. I think it may be helpful to you to support you in your journey and I hope you will consider allowing me to share what I have learnt."

Dr Simon Wong
Founder of Postural Orthodontics
How I Got into Teaching and the Forwardontics Connection...
The path I took on my journey as a student of Orthotropics is well-trodden with my teachers the Mews and Bill Hang lighting and guiding the way forward. However, as dentists who venture into the land of early intervention orthodontics, we all seem to travel the same stretch of road. I suspect our experiences and lives play out with many similarities.

We walk along winding path, seemingly on our own, in isolated loneliness.

Many of us begin because we aren’t happy with how our children finish their treatments. We are unhappy as we have the underlying feeling, there should be "more". We are told though by those in the know; "That’s all there is folks. The hand you are dealt with is what you have to play with."

Hence we live in despondence. 

So when an outlier claims, they have "more", our interests perk. We stop, we listen, we watch and we are intrigued. We think; "Well it certainly looks like they are doing "more"! What if there is more?"

We look around and see the gathering of some of our peers. Like-minded, kindred spirits. Other dentists unfulfilled and looking for more. And we join these groups and immerse in the wonder of another way.

These teachers orate. They reveal the secrets of their discoveries. They fascinate. They show success. 

They encourage participation. 

And thus drawn are we. And in we follow. And we find purpose. 
Enthusiasms that we did not even know was within us and passions that ignite a new beginning.

Yet each and every one of us, within a blink of time, looks around and realise we are again alone. 

We start many cases but finish so few the ways we envisaged we would. The children whose faces continue to fall and fade from the ideal we promised haunts us. Questions arise and are sort from and by us but the answers remain elusive. 

We have all lived this. Yet I found fortune as on my way, I encountered another journeyman. 

Dr Sandra Kahn was like no one who was part of my normal sphere of life. A seasoned and accomplished Orthodontist based in a different country, living a different life, yet a traveller on the very same road, tracking on exactly the same path. 

At the point, I met Sandra I had already begun to develop my own methodology of care. It seemed I was already achieving a level of consistency in my treatment outcomes that should have created confidence but by nature, I am one always plagued by doubt. Immobilized by indecision and so locked in self-isolation.
Sandra is my counterpart in character and personality. My two talents are the ability to recognise what is important and the capability of taking the complex and explaining it simply. Hers is the gift of drawing together the talented with the influential.

Together we formed an unlikely partnership and co-authored the book GOPex (Good Oral Posture Exercises: a set of exercises based on my grandmother’s culture of manners and presentation). Sandra then formalized GOPex into a technology App that has the potential to remind all generations to come of what is possible…

…of how we are meant to behave and who we are meant to be.

Sandra took what was just a backwater experiment in my tiny clinic Down Under and launched it into the heart of the community of Europe’s oldest Orthodontic University and then onwards to those institutions of influence around the world.

From my unwavering belief in John’s Tropic Premise and her decisive support of my contribution to our profession via her company, Forwardontics, she gave me an initial platform to share what I had learnt with the world.

From a clinical perspective, what I do, is take 7 and 8-year-olds who have grown in malformation and laboriously, painstakingly and unrelentingly, create a semblance of harmony.

Documenting the process in detail so that I can share my work with other colleagues hasn't been easy...but this is what I have set out to do with Postural Orthodontics.

My method takes the egocentric doctor out of the equation of a child’s life and returns the responsibility of a child’s upbringing into the hands of those who truly care for their well-being, their parents.

Postural Orthodontics is in some sense a stepping stone to more complicated Orthotropic cases, introducing dentists to a safe and structured approach to treating milder malocclusions "expansion only cases".

At 55, I am who I am. No time soon will I be giving up my "carrot and stick" but for those who look to me for guidance, be glad the Forwardontics connection paved the path that encourages all of us to find our way home...and for this, I am truly grateful to Sandra and others who are on the same holistic mission to revolutionize the lives of our children.
Left to right, back row: Prof. Jose Luis Gandia, Franco, Dr. Bill Hang, Dr. Mike Mew, Dr. Simon Wong, Dr. German Ramirez, Prof. Dror Aizenbud, Dr. Kevin Boyd

Left to right, front row: Dr. Sandra Kahn, Prof. John Mew, Dr. Maria Jose Munoz, Ms Esther Gokhale 
Left to right: Dr. Mike Mew,Dr. Simon Wong, Dr. Bill Hang, Prof. John Mew
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